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Ready for the summer of a lifetime? 


Ready to create the summer of a lifetime?

SYEP through HANAC

Summer 2024 Dates:


Max – 6/26-7/18 – no camp on Fridays. We have camp on July 4th. 


Travel – 7/26-8/16 – Camp ends at 3pm (Erev Tisha B’av), no camp on  Tisha B’av.





Max – $2799


Travel – $2150


Payment Information:


$500 Deposit due with registration.


Payment can be made in full or in installments in March and May.


Registration is through Campsite.


After registration you will receive a confirmation email from our office.

Electronics Policy

Campers are not permitted to have a cell phone or any other device that can be connected to wifi with them. Campers will be able to call home, if needed, during the overnight, using a counselor's phone. 

The camp will send out emails with updates as to what the campers have been up to.  

If you feel the need to discuss the electronics policy, or for clarity, feel free to email or call the camp office.

We appreciate your cooperation as we know this allows your child an opportunity to become more independent and be social while traveling.

Refund Policy

The initial deposit is non-refundable.


If the camp should (G-d forbid) not open due to COVID or any other global crisis we will refund 95% of the tuition paid. The 5% is to cover credit card and registration fees.


After January 2nd $500 is non-refundable.

After April 1st all tuition paid is non-refundable.

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